Testimonial to Merlion.

"Merlion was a much loved cat who lived with us for over ten years until he sadly died on 5th July 2010.
Cathy kindly agreed to paint his oil portrait using only photographs. He is depicted in his favourite spot
in our garden with the bamboo plant beside him although that is in another part of the garden.
Cathy has managed to capture not only the cat's likeness but the essence of his nature which must be
extremely difficult to do bearing in mind she had never seen him in real life. His colouring is so accurate
that when I saw the painting for the first time I cried tears of joy. The way the light catches his coat and
his surroundings is breathtaking and I cannot thank her enough for preserving his memory in such an
outstanding manner. Another delightful touch is that the canvas is painted on all sides so that it can be
viewed from all perspectives as it is hung at the top of the stairs. I would highly recommend Cathy to
anyone wishing to have their pet painted."

Marjorie Perriam
"Merlion" Oil on canvas